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Land of the Pilgrims, the spark of the American Revolution, rocky soil and Yankee ingenuity. New Englanders are tough in many ways, intellectual and liberal, private and frugal, suspicious of newcomers. Many who visit find its inhabitants cold. And it’s true that we are slow to warm to new people and tend toward stubbornness. But there is great generosity in our hearts, as well. We value family and friends (who tend to stick close by), hard work, and have a ‘live and let live’ philosophy. And we’re nothing if not adaptable. That what comes of living in an unforgiving land where half the year is spent in winter.

The beauty of New England is incomparable – sandy beaches and rocky shores, lakes and mountains, colonial era towns that are so quaint they hurt, fall colors that will make you weep, and winter wonderlands that call you out from your cozy home. There is history everywhere you turn, legends and ghost stories, born from the pens of some of literature’s greatest writers. And you can hardly throw a rock without hitting a college.

New England is my birth place, my home, and my muse. Discover (or re-discover) it with me.

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Welcome to my New England website. I’m Joyce Anne, writer and explorer of local places, history and lore. Journey with me through the region and join my alter egos in ponderings about our New England way of life. 

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